Eriko Daimo

Eriko Daimo’s debut CD


Passionate, sensitive, and technically perfect.  These are the first of many words that describe Eriko Daimo’s music making.  More importantly, what captures me the most is her natural and pure musicality.  She has the ability to become one with the music and transcend the audience into a state of ecstasy.  The world awaits Eriko’s debut album. -Kaoru Wada, composer

…expressive and virtuosic performance with a strong cultural connection and a vibrant artistic vision… -Percussive Arts Society, PAS magazine

Performers: Eriko Daimo, Johan Bridger, Patrick Raab, Ronni kot Wenzell

Photography& Art works: Gian Andrea di Stefano

Recorded at Copenhagen Opera House

Furusato-Hometown- by Teiichi Okano, arranged by Eriko Daimo

Homesickness and nostalgia are emotions that can affect everyone and that can inspire music that crosses cultural boundaries. This simple, yet moving, piece of music was arranged by marimba virtuoso Eriko Daimo to communicate this sense of longing…. A sample of the text communicates the emotion of the music: “I wonder how my parents are doing. I hope my friends are doing well. Whenever it rains or storms, I am reminded of my hometown.” Aside from a brief introduction, the entire work is scored in a rolled “chorale” style. Daimo makes effective use of idiomatic voicings and utilizes the range of the low-C instrument that “sings” the best in this style of writing. -Percussive Arts Society, Percussive notes

Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni, arranged by Eriko Daimo

….her encore solo, an arrangement of the Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana.  Watching and hearing the four mallets play slow-moving, long-line, four-part harmony was extraordinary.  No recording could capture that mesmerizing combination of sound and sight.

 -The Irish Times

In this beautiful composition elegantly arranged for marimba, Eriko Daimo has skillfully retained the loveliness of this opera intermezzo in a solo work.

…Because of the beauty of the original intermezzo and the skillful care in the transcription, this new chorale for solo marimba is certain to be a popular addition to recitals and professional performances….

-Percussive Arts Society, Percussive notes

CD/Music sheet

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